Hi! We are Wayne and Dianne Wright of Dunnville, Ontario, Canada, and we are the owners of Livingwater Collies. Here is how we got started out with our dogs. We have been helped in our venture into the Collie world by many long time breeders; our first mentor was the late Susan Petit-Crossman, owner of 'Windflower Collies', Susan was instrumental in helping with our desire to breed White Collies. Our relationship with her had just begun when she passed away at far too young an age. Her death left us floundering for a while, then through a mutual friend we came to know Lisa Watts and Elsie Piotto to whom we owe our present success. They have become great friends and have offered immeasurable help. We are now veteran breeders with almost 15 years experience to our credit, and we continue to breed and produce quality dogs for all walks of life.



If you’re wondering where we got our name, it comes from John 7:38 in the Bible. We chose this name to give honor to God; to whom we owe our salvation as well as our success with our Collies.

Imagine being beside a stream of water, watching it trickle over the rocks as it moves along the path it has made over time. Now go to the place where this gentle stream finds its start, and discover that the closer we get to the source, the stronger the current flows, and the deeper the waters go.

When we finally get to the source from which the tiny stream flows, we find ourselves standing before a mighty ocean. There is no end in sight, only an endless supply of water from this magnificent, boundless source.

God is that source. It is impossible for the waters of His love to run dry or lose their potential to refresh, restore, and satisfy the most inherent need of every human soul.

A single drop of it holds the power to change a life. He poured out the waters of His love to us in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ. Through faith in Jesus we can come to know the full potential of that Livingwater to ensure us of eternal life in Heaven with God.

We hope that you know Him as we do, but if not feel free to contact us and we hope that we can help you come to know the source of Livingwater.